in home assessmentsThe first step in the Comfort Hands process is an In-Home Assessment of your loved one.

An initial In-Home Care Assessment and Individual Service Plan are required by law for all persons with disabilities and senior care engagements. Many agencies do this differently, but our intention is for our care coordinators (which are senior/disablitity care experts) to evaluate the needs of the senior/person's with disabilities and to create a plan of homecare.

Our care coordinator may inquire about diet, medicines, activity of daily living needs (such as bathing, toileting, mobility), household needs, and social interests. We also will want to meet your loved one, in order to ensure that our services will cover all of their needs without crossing into skilled nursing or medical needs (mom's best friend is not licensed for such services). Finally, they will review the safety of the home so that we are able to provide any recommendations needed to provide effective care.

All of this information is used to provide you with an appropriate price quote and to match your loved one with one of our compassionate, experienced personal care attendants. The more we know about you and/or your loved one, the easier it is to recommend specific services that may help with your particular situation.

Because at Comfort Hands... we care!

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