In-Home Care Services

What are Personal Care Services?

Companionship: We help to maintain routines, revive interests, and try new activities—anything from shopping to attending a meeting, church, library, hairdresser, post office, etc… or an appointment. We help you stay in touch with friends, family, and the community. We read to you from newspapers, magazines, novels, mail and e-mail.

Housekeeping: Comfort Hands will make sure your environment is clean. We pick up and straighten, dust, sweep and vacuum. We will keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. In the kitchen, we make sure all spoiled and expired food is discarded. We wash and iron clothes, change bedding and even take out the garbage.

Meal Preparation: Comfort Hands encourages good nutrition. We work with you or your families to plan meals, prepare grocery lists, shop, and prepare tasty meals that meet dietary needs. After meals we clean up by washing dishes and properly storing them away.

Transportation: Comfort Hands will provide you with escort services including visits to the hospital, doctor, and dentist or on other outings.

Medication Reminder: Comfort Hands attendants provides assistance by reminding you to take your medications at the prescribed times.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care - Most people hope to age safely and comfortably in their own home. Many people with Alzheimer’s can safely stay in their own home, and that’s where Comfort Hands Health Care Services can provide personal care assistance to you. Our attendants have extensive training and experience in how to provide in-home care for people with AD.

If you need assistance with anything not listed here, please call so we can customize a service plan to meet your specific needs.


What is my level of Care need?

Comfort Hands Health Care Services bases its service on one of the 3 levels of need once an assessment is completed. Each level of care requires either more or specialized training requirements for your caregiver.

Level I. Your caregiver is trained to provide assistance with protective care, mobility, companionship, reading of mail, meal preparation, light housekeeping, change of linen, laundry, escort, and physical exercises.

Level II. Your caregiver is trained to provide all of Level I services as well as the following: assist with bathing and grooming, personal hygiene, incontinence care, dressing and supervise or remind you to take medications at the prescribed times.

Level III. Your caregiver is trained to provide all of the services listed in Levels I and II, along with helping you transfer from bed to wheelchair or into the car, and can assist with other special equipment you may have in your home. Level III caregivers have received additional specialized training.

Respite Care - We are committed to providing relief to family caregivers for a few hours a day, or around-the-clock. Our caregivers are trained to attend to the needs of your loved one(s), while you fulfill other responsibilities and obligations